H2H PWS Lake Wisconsin – Day 1 Recap

May 17, 2021 9:09 pm

Day 1 of the H2H PWS Event 2 has just wrapped up as our 32 pros took to Lake Wisconsin and the Wisconsin River in search of big walleyes!

PWS angler, Mike Gofron, sets the pace catching over 15 lbs of walleyes on what turned out to be a chess-match type of day. In second place was Marianne Huskey as she made a late day push boating over 10 lbs of legal PWS fish. Event 2 is shaping up to be very interesting as both Marianne and Mike did not make the cut in our first event, but they find themselves in the top 2 spots heading into Day 2.

At the end of Day 1, our top 10 anglers are also the only anglers to catch scorable fish. Familiar faces on the leader board include Josh Wiesner (6th), Max Wilson (7th), Joe Okada (8th) and Justin Schneider (9th). One thing to make mention of is that all the anglers had the option to waive the 2 lb minimum weight rule so smaller fish can be scoreable, but because the vote was unanimous the rule stayed at 2 lbs or greater. This decision tells us our anglers are confident they can crack the nut that is Lake Wisconsin.

The big questions on everyone’s minds are how will our top performers from Event 1 bounce back after today? Nick Schertz, Isaac Lakich, and Jake LaPine did not weigh a fish today. Despite some of our anglers not weighing any fish, everyone is still in the mix and one fish could make the difference in moving on to our GREAT8 bracket.

It is no secret to any fishing enthusiasts that this post-spawn period can be tough for walleye anglers. Today started off slow for most anglers as we saw just about every technique imaginable to coax these fish into eating. Handlinging, jig and plastic, trolling small cranks and even pulling flies were all on display. Some of the images captured by our PWS Marshals show just how beat up these fish can get after spawning. Be sure to tune in tomorrow at 8 AM CST to see how Day 2 unfolds.