Soft Plastic Minnows For Walleye

May 28, 2021 6:39 pm

Despite a slow bite at times, our Lake Wisconsin Event was able to show us some quality walleyes being caught…many of which came on a plastic paddle tail minnow.

PWS Angler Gear Guide From Lake Wisconsin

We saw walleyes of all sizes being caught ranging from dinks all the way up to over 7 pounds! Because of a tough bite at times lure selection was critical. One of the go-to tactics we saw was using soft plastic minnows for walleye.

If you do not believe in the soft plastic minnow for walleye yet, then you simply just need to try it out for yourself. Nick Schertz put on an absolute clinic on the Detroit River during our first event. Nick caught just about every fish with soft plastic minnows. Fast forward to Event 2, on Lake Wisconsin, and again the paddle tail was on full display. Josh Wiesner, Paul Meleen, Mike Gofron, Mike McCormick, and Isaac Lakich were just a few anglers we saw using this technique to put fish in the net. These soft plastic paddle tail minnows represent a wide variety of baitfish including minnows, shad, small bluegills, gobies and much more. Soft plastic paddle tail baits paired with the right retrieve and jig head can be worked in just about every level of the water column.

Featured Soft Plastic Paddle Tails In Event 2:

Keitech Easy Shiner – The Keitech Easy shiner has been a staple for bass anglers thanks to the wide array of colors offered and the life-like action of them. Walleye anglers are quickly finding how effective these baits really are. Available in sizes ranging from 3” up to 8”, there is an Easy Shiner for anytime of year. Easy shiners are scented and best known for being extremely soft to produce a lively tail kick.

Click here to see a full selection of sizes and colors.

Keitech Swing Fat Impact – Very similar to the Easy Shiner, the Keitech Swing Fat Impact also comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes. These baits also feature the same scent advantages seen with other Keitech baits. Again, super soft, the Swing Fat Impact kicks hard when retrieved to entice bites. What separates the Swing Fat Impact from the Easy Shiner is that its body is made up of tiny ribs that help produce more vibration and ultimately displace more water – something that is very helpful in stain/murky waters when targeting walleye. The Swing Fat Impact also features a thicker body, which is helpful for multiple rigging applications.

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Berkley Ripple Shad – If you tuned into our Event 2 on Lake Wisconsin, chances are you got see Mike Gofron fishing. We saw Mike catch a massive walleye in one of his matches along with some good mid-size fish using a Ripple Shad as well. Gofron also boated a lot #DINKFEST walleyes all using the Berkley Ripple Shad. What should be a staple for any walleye angler, the Berkley Ripple Shad represents in a wide variety of bait fish. Defining features of the Ripple Shad that help make it so successful are its large 3D eyes for added realism, and wide range of colors. The color patterns of the Ripple Shad mimic both natural baitfish as well as some more vibrant colors that walleye anglers have great success on.

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