Slip Bobber with Artificial Leeches For Walleye?

June 7, 2021 10:23 pm

Many anglers know that a slip bobber can be a dynamite technique when targeting walleye.

What most anglers probably have not tried is using a slip bobber with artificial baits. The artificial bait route can be just as, if not more effective in several scenarios – not to mention it comes with a handful of other benefits.

Artificial leech benefits include things like:

  • Lifespan – Artificial baits last much longer than live baits and do not need to be stored in a cooler or temperature controlled environment
  • Availability – Often times leeches can be hard to get from local bait shops depending on seasonality as well as other conditions
  • Rigging– Artificial leeches are much easier to rig

For the first time on live TV we got to see how a professional angler would use this technique to target walleyes during a fishing tournament. PWS angler Max Wilson rigged an artificial leech under a slip bobber to coax walleyes into biting. Max was not only able to catch a walleye with this technique, he caught over 36 lbs of fish in just 5 hours! This was enough weight to put him in 4th place going into day 2 during the Lake Mille Lacs Event.

As Max explains he figured out this program with the help of his electronics and states he can use this technique pretty much everywhere. Rocks, sand, and mud are just a few environments where a slip bobber approach really shines. Another key to this technique is with a slip bobber you can set your depth extremely accurately to target fish anywhere in the water column! Are you ready to give it a try? Below are some examples of what you could use.

Artificial leech – Gulp Jumbo Leeches

Slip bobber – Thill Pro Series Slip Float

Bobber Stops – Thill Bobber Stop 18 pk

Jig/Hook – Clam Round Ball Jig / Live Bait Hook

Medium action rod – Shimano Jojourn

Spinning Reel – Daiwa Laguna LT

Line – (Braid 6 lb – 10 lb w/leader or straight mono 6 lb – 8 lb)