Mille Lacs Blues…Dark Blue Plastic Success

June 9, 2021 4:16 pm

If you have been following along with us at our Lake Mille Lacs event you have seen a lot of fish being caught by a lot of very good anglers.

With these fish being caught we have heard bits and pieces of what our PWS anglers are using, yet no angler has come right out and told us or the viewers the exact bait being fished. Thanks to our keen detective skills we have been able to compile some information of similar (perhaps not exact) possible options being used to put up some massive Lake Mille Lacs walleye numbers!

Note the 00:53 mark as we see a glimpse of the plastic inside of the fish’s mouth

We have seen anglers such as Brett King, Robert Blosser, Josh Blosser and Marianne Huskey all use a similar looking “dark blue” plastic. To dig further into this theory, we also know that one of the fish that Marianne caught on Day 3 had a “leech looking” forage inside of its mouth. Putting another piece of the puzzle together we know that PWS anglers Max Wilson and Isaac Lakich have been using an artificial leech bait (Willowcat Liquid Leech perhaps?) with a slip bobber rig to catch fish. Add up what Marianne found and what Max Wilson has been showing us, and its safe to say dark baits are imitating the main forage for these walleyes.

To add more action, dark blue (almost black) baits such as paddle tails and minnow profiles are what we think are being used to cover water and imitate what we think is leech. We see Josh Blosser throwing something very similar in the video above. Although we cannot confirm the exact baits some of these anglers are using, the options below are very good guesses of what we are seeing in terms of plastics for jig fishing.

Keitech Fat Swing Impact Black BlueKeitech Easy Shiner Black BlueWalleye Assasin Turbo Shad Slammin ChickenB-Fish-N AuthenX Moxi Electric BlueB-Fish-N AuthentX Pulse R Electric Blue