Meet the Angler: Scott Duncan

July 26, 2021 2:59 pm

Scott Duncan is from Spring Grove, IL, and has been tournament fishing since the late 1990s.

Scott has fished most of the major walleye circuits across the midwest and many smaller tourneys on the Fox Chain near his home. Scott has had multiple high-place finishes in the PWT, RCL, MWC, and NWT and, he won the 2012 AIM Can-Am Championship in Brinley, MI. Scott fished last year during the first H2H season as well.

Scott works for an electronics parts supplier in northern Illinois. His family includes his wife and two daughters. Scott says his main hobby is fishing although, he did start pheasant hunting last fall in 2020. 

Scott is excited to be a part of the first PWS season. He remarks how cool it is for family and friends to watch him compete live. Scott is excited about H2H Series because it is unique and, there are new bodies of water he will get to fish a tournament on. Scott also looks forward to being a part of the process that selects the bodies of water for the PWS season. Scott is confident in the artificial-only rule and says that he makes lots of tackle during the winter that he will use throughout the season.