Meet the Angler: Nick Schertz

July 27, 2021 1:42 pm

Nick Schertz is from Tomahawk, WI., and he started fishing tournaments in the early 2000s.

Nick has competed in all of the major circuits in the Walleye World, including the NWT, AIM, and MWC. Nick also participated in several of the first H2H events last year and notably took 2nd place on one of the Lake Winnebago events. 

When Nick isn’t fishing walleye tournaments, he is spending time with his wife and three kids. Living in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, Nick says he is always out doing various outdoor activities with his family, for example, trapping and skiing. He is also a big hunter and frequently travels out of the state to scout and hunt. 

Nick is a big multi-species-angler. Aside from fishing for walleyes, Nick enjoys bass fishing on the Bay and Northwoods with his son. He also says he takes a kayak in the channels each year for big bluegills. When Nick was young, Nick ran set lines for rough fish and sold them to commercial fish buyers in the summers. He has lived across several states where he has been fortunate to learn various fisheries and techniques in the process. 

Nick says his favorite body of water to fish is the Missouri River. Nick also gets excited every time he can go and fish out in the Dakota’s. Nick notes the diversity of tactics you can use there, and it is excellent fishing year-round. When asked what his favorite tactic is, Nick says that he loves fishing out of the front of the boat and loves to jig/cast. Nick is excited about the PWS season and wants to be competitive in each event. With the new H2H format, Nick says that he is more relaxed right before fishing each event. He likes the fact that you can get on the water and immediately start fishing right at 8 AM.