Meet the Angler: Mike McCormick

July 26, 2021 3:46 pm

Mike McCormick is from La Crosse, WI. He has been fishing walleye tournaments for eight years. Most recently, he took 1st place for the NTC event held in Green Bay in 2018.

Mike is a full-time guide on the Mississippi River year-round. He has been guiding for 13 years and guides both open water and ice fishing for multiple species. Mike is well-known for putting many huge Mississippi River perch on the ice during the winter using an airboat to get to certain backwaters throughout the river. During the open water season, Mike says that his favorite way to fish walleyes is pitching plastics and his least favorite technique is trolling. Even though the Mississippi River is his home body of water, Green Bay is his favorite body of water to fish. He says he loves to jig Rippin’ Raps and Shiver Minnows out there whenever he gets the chance. 

Mike is excited about the PWS season. He says that this circuit allows the angler to gain exposure so people can see what you are doing in the boat during tournament hours. He is excited to be fishing some new bodies of water during the series. He likes being able to travel for this series to new venues, and after a tumultuous 2020 tournament season, he is ready to get going in 2021.