Meet the Angler: Mike Lenarduzzi

June 29, 2021 2:01 pm

Mike Lenarduzzi is from Green Bay, WI. Being an avid tournament angler and passionate outdoorsman, Mike has most recently taken 2nd place in the 2016 World Walleye Championship.

Mike typically fishes 10-13 tournaments per year. In addition to walleyes, Mike is also an avid hunter and also enjoys saltwater fishing in Florida during the winter months. He owns several sports bars in the Green Bay area.

Mike’s favorite body of water is Devil’s Lake because of the versatility of the fishery and how intimidating it can be. He says his go-to strength for fishing walleyes is using jigs, but his favorite way is to cast cranks. More specifically, Mike loves to pitch and cast the wood on Devils Lake and Devils Lake is where fishes a few tournaments each year. 

Mike talks about how the PWS format will be different from other walleye tournaments he has fished. In many tournaments Mike is looking for only 6 or 7 bites on a given day for big fish but this format will potentially make him look for smaller fish if that means many more bites during tournament hours. He also talks about how important it will be to not leave fish to find fish, especially if he’s on smaller fish and he won’t leave to get one or two bites on big fish.