Meet the Angler: Mike Gofron

June 30, 2021 3:43 pm

Mike Gofron is from Antioch, Illinois, and has been a professional walleye fisherman for over 30 years.

Mike says he first started fishing walleye tournaments back in 1988! Mike is a well-accomplished pro who has fished every major walleye circuit in the country with over 40 top 10 finishes and 6 first-place finishes among those. He is a two-time Angler of the Year, Sportsman of the Year, and two-time Top Gun Award, winner. He notably won one of the first H2H walleye events last year held on Lake Winnebago in May.

When Mike isn’t on the water, he is spending time with his family and running an excavating business. Gofron is also an author and wrote a book in 2012 on his tournament fishing career and how he came to be where he is now. During his Meet the Angler interview, you can see a very large fish tank that he had built in his home, which has been home to many bass and walleyes over the years.

Mike’s favorite body of water to fish is the Missouri River system. Due to the fluctuating river levels, the fishing techniques are always needed to be fine-tuned and he loves the challenge of adapting to those ever-changing conditions. He says his favorite presentation to use is a jig/plastic combination and covering water. He is known as one of the best jig fishermen in the walleye world. In Mike’s interview he talks about being able to break things down and visualize what’s below the surface to catch more fish and how it’s going to be exciting fishing PWS with the artificial-only format to make anglers step their game up.