Meet the Angler: Marianne Huskey

July 26, 2021 8:35 pm

Marianne is from Green Bay, WI, but she has spent a lot of time in Northern Michigan. She has fished most of the major walleye circuits in the midwest like the NWT, AIM, MWT.

Marianne also competed in some of the first H2H events in 2020. Marianne has taken two Angler of the Year titles in 2010 and 2012. She has had a wide array of success across many of these circuits looks forward to fishing the inaugural PWS walleye series in 2021. 

Marianne considers Green Bay her home body of water. Her favorite body water is the St. Mary’s River in Michigan. She points out that Lake Winnebago is her least favorite body of water to fish, noting the H2H event she fished in 2020 on the Winnebago system. Her favorite way to fish for walleyes is jigging because she prefers having a rod in hand, but she will troll if need be. 

Marianna is very excited about the H2H Pro Series. She notes the uniqueness of not having a co-angler in the boat. She says that she enjoys that because she is only preparing for each tournament solely and less preparation since there is no co-angler. Marianne also states that every decision made in the boat is the angler’s responsibility, which plays to her strengths. With the no-live-bait format, she is excited to highlight particular artificial presentations. Marianne is also excited for anglers to show different techniques and baits while on camera being filmed live. For Marianne, the involvement of making the tournament rules with the other anglers and picking the bodies of water that they would fish is a great opportunity for everyone to be involved.