Meet the Angler: Justin Schneider

June 30, 2021 3:49 pm

Justin Schneider is from Brothertown, WI. He started fishing tournaments 10 years ago in the AIM circuit and hopped into the NWT circuit the first season.

Justin has fished the NWT every year since along with AIM events. He has several top 10 finishes in both of those circuits and is hoping to finish on top in the PWS events!

Justin’s family includes his wife and three kids. He is a master plumber and also runs a mechanical contractor outfit with his brother. Justin also says he is very passionate about sturgeon spearing on Lake Winnebago during the winter. Justin actually describes sturgeon spearing as catching a 10lb walleye and shooting a 10pt buck at the same time!

One of the biggest draws to the PWS series for Justin is the limited practice rule that is in place to level the playing field. He’s looking forward to the competition being level and competing against the 31 other anglers. Justin fished in the first H2H season last year and notes how different it is that you can immediately start fishing at the beginning of each day versus making a long run to a spot once tournaments from a take-off spot. Justin says he prefers to cast but will troll if need be. He loves the 2lb format and not the “weigh your best 5” and that in some circumstances you can beat up on the fish.  Justin notes that people will be able to see decision-making in process amongst the anglers due to the lack of pre-fish and that anglers might have to figure out over the course of the 5-day event.