Meet the Angler: JR Carter

July 26, 2021 3:37 pm

JR Carter is from Mandan, North Dakota. He is an avid tournament fisherman that grew up in Montana.

He fishes many of the great walleye fisheries in the western part of the country, noting that Lake Sakakawea is his favorite body of water to fish on. When asked what is his least favorite body of water to fish, JR says there is no such thing.

When JR isn’t on the water, he is spending time with his wife and young daughter. JR is a helicopter mechanic for a hospital organization located in both the Dakotas. He previously served in the national guard before he became a helicopter mechanic.

JR is excited about the PWS season. He says he watched some of the first H2H events last year and loved the format. Of all of the bodies of water on the schedule, JR says he has only been to Mille Lacs but notes how special of a lake it is because of the trophy potential. JR says that the catch-weigh-release format takes care of the fisheries. JR also likes how the events are for guys who are busy with their full-time jobs. JR is drawn to this series because it is him against the fish despite the high competition. He also says that the no live bait format could move the industry forward and change some artificial baits as the season progresses.