Meet the Angler: Johnnie Candle

July 16, 2021 12:02 pm

Johnnie Candle is from Devil’s Lake, North Dakota. He is a long-time professional walleye angler who has fished most of the major walleye circuits in the country.

He has top finishes in the MWC, Rock the Lake, Walleye Widows LRAA, and won the Coleman Cool Under Pressure award in 2004.

Johnnie cannot pick just one body of water that is his favorite. He notes that his least favorite body of water is Lake Winnebago, however. Johnnie is a full-time guide on Devil’s Lake and enjoys the versatility of the fishery. Johnnie has been fishing for a living for over 28 years and says he first started tournament fishing back in 1994.

When Johnnie isn’t on the water guiding or fishing tournaments, he is spending time with his wife, kids, and stepchildren. He says that he doesn’t have another hobby other than fishing! Johnie started fishing for a living since he graduated college and says he has never had a “real” job.
Johnnie is looking forward to the PWS season and notes one of his goals for the year is to make the PWS championship later in the season. He says he is a very competitive guy and that he will want to know what his competitors (other anglers) are doing at all times during the event.

Johnnie shared his thoughts on growing the walleye industry through the use of artificial lures and how the PWS series will highlight that with the no live bait rules.