Meet the Angler: Jesse Brady

June 29, 2021 7:47 pm

Jesse Brady is from Walker, MN and currently lives in the Waukesha area in southern, WI.

Brady has fished some of the major walleye circuits out there including AIM, MWC, and the NWT. Jesse is known for his entrance into the H2H series in De Pere last year. Jesse notably made the Purple Passion Rippin’ Rap famous in 2020 as he caught a lot of walleyes on the Fox River using it. He says that he only has been fishing walleye tournaments for 3 years and had previously fished bass events before making the switch to walleyes. 

Jesse says that Leech Lake is his favorite body of water to fish. He learned to walleye fish there before he started fishing tournaments. Brady notes that the lake used to be a secret before it exploded in popularity in recent years. Jesse says that he is definitely a “lake” guy and that he loves to jig. Last year during the H2H metro madness event, Jesse notably had a unique cadence working a rippin’ rap which quickly became well known on the Fox River. Jesse is excited to fish the entire PWS season against some of the best walleye fishermen in the country along with fishing some bodies of water he’s never been to. 

Jesse and his brother run a tree pruning and removal business around the Milwaukee area in southern WI. Jesse says that when he’s not working he’s fishing and vice versa! He loves to deer hunt and also says he does some elk hunting when he has time.