Meet the Angler: Jeremy Zimmerman

July 27, 2021 4:25 pm

Jerry Zimmerman is from Trempealeau, WI. Being a well-accomplished tournament fisherman, Jeremy has fished many of the major walleye circuits.

Jeremy has high place finishes in the NWT, NTC, and local Lacrosse events. He was the 2017 Mighty Miss Walleye Series Points champion and notably won the H2H event held in Lacrosse in 2020. 

Jeremy says that fishing is his main hobby when he is not working. Jeremy runs a construction business that has an emphasis on building logwood homes. Jeremy considers the Mississippi River his home body of water and his favorite Green Bay. Jeremy says that he prefers to jig but trolls quite a bit also. Since he got into tournament fishing for walleyes, Jeremy says that it is hard to get him to fish for anything else. 

Jeremy is looking forward to the PWS schedule and says that he has never fished a tournament on any of the bodies of water that are on the schedule for 2021. Jeremy says that he is a river guy and is happy that there are three river events. When asked about his goals for the 2021 season, he says that he would love to win one but specifies that he would love to make it into the final two rounds of an event.