Meet the Angler: Jarrad Fluekiger

July 26, 2021 8:10 pm

Jarrad Fluekiger is from Alma, WI, and is a full-time fishing guide on the Mississippi River, specifically around Lake Pepin.

Jarrad has a ton of tournament experience with one impressive 1st Place finish for a Saginaw Bay AIM event. 

Jarrad owns a real estate business, two motels, and a deer outfitter (Rutting Ridge Outfitters) along with his guiding business. He has a large family including his wife and five boys. Jarrad says that all of his boys share the passion for the outdoors that he does. Aside from his guiding and tournament fishing success, Jarrad has harvested some very impressive deer. Jarrad talks in-depth during his interview (below) on some of the monster bucks he has scored.

Jarrad says that his favorite body of water is Lake Erie although Lake Pepin is not far behind. He enjoys fishing the Mississippi River system throughout the year. In his interview, Jarrad talks about how whitetails and walleyes are very similar, especially the big ones. Jarrad is very excited for the first PWS event on the Detroit River but he has his eye on the Pool 2 event on the Mississippi River event since that is his home water. He says that he isn’t familiar with Pool 2, but since the river is his home he might have more pressure to perform at that event!