Meet The Angler: Jake LaPine

June 18, 2021 5:40 pm

Growing up in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, a local to H2H Fishing, Jake LaPine has been fishing walleye tournaments since he was 12 years old. He has fished most of the major circuits in the Midwest and is an accomplished professional walleye fisherman. Jake started fishing tournaments with his dad when he was a kid, specifically the Winnebago system. He recalls fishing the MWC circuit as he grew up which was the one that really grew his passion for competitive fishing. 

Jake goes on to say that pulling flies is his favorite technique to catch walleyes. He learned this unique technique on the Winnebago system and has taken it to other bodies of water as well with great success. Jake is well-known as a “river rat” for his talent in fishing the river systems on the Winnebago system. When he’s not fishing a tournament you can often find him making frequent trips to Lake Erie for giant walleyes or to the Illinois River each year in early spring. Besides fishing Jake enjoys getting outdoors hunting waterfowl and deer as well as spending time with his two labs, Drifter and Kal.

Jake is excited to get the PWS season underway, especially for H2H’s new format bringing change to the walleye tournament scene. Having two H2H events under his belt Jake attested that he enjoyed the public witnessing the realness in being able to see everything that happens over the course of a day. 

Welcome aboard Jake LaPine!

Watch Jake’s full interview below