Meet the Angler: Isaac Lakich

June 29, 2021 2:39 pm

Isaac Lakich is from Richfield, WI, and is one of the younger PWS anglers this season.

Isaac has a very impressive fishing resume in his short career with 1st place finishes in several major circuits including Green Bay Walleye Series (2019), MWC (2019 Leech Lake and 2020 Green Bay), and AIM 2020 Championship on Lake Winnebago. He also is a back-to-back team of the year award winner on the MWC circuit. 

When Isaac isn’t on the water, he is spending time with his girlfriend and young daughter along with two cats and one dog. He notes that when he isn’t on the water, he does a lot of bait making where he pours his own jigs and plastics. Isaac does some part-time construction work in the off-season as well.

Isaac is excited about the PWS season and has fished several H2H events in 2020. He speaks to the importance of being able to analyze the five-hour day of fishing online after each event along with seeing what your competitors did on the water. Being able to watch how they fish after each event is something not too many anglers are accustomed to. Isaac says that he is a visual learner and it’s important it is to see what you are doing so you can constantly make adjustments and be successful on the water.