Meet the Angler: Brett King

June 29, 2021 7:39 pm

Brett King is from Hager City, WI and has been fishing tournaments for over 25 years!

Being a highly accomplished tournament fisherman, Brett has some pretty impressive wins under his belt including wins in the NWT, AIM Walleye Series, and FLW tour. In addition, Brett took the NWT Angler of the Year title in 2018.

When Brett is not fishing walleye tournaments, he is spending time with his family and he is also an avid hunter and ice fisherman. Brett’s son is following in this dad’s footsteps of tournament angling where he presently fishes for bass at the collegiate level. Brett also attends many boat shows in the off season. 

Brett’s home body of water is the Mississippi River which he says is also his favorite body of water to fish. He says he mainly fishes Pool 3 and Pool 4. One of the PWS events this year is on Pool 2 on the Mississippi River and he is looking forward to that event and spending more time in that area. Brett says that his favorite technique to fish walleyes is using plastics, both casting and vertical fishing. 

Brett is excited for the PWS season and the new format. He notes the change from not having to make long runs in the morning to get to spots. He says that being able to trailer your boat and decide where you want to start will help with saving time and also physically with not taking on long rough boat rides.