H2H PWS Mississippi River Pool 2 Recap – Championship Day

July 16, 2021 8:49 pm

What a ride! H2H PWS Mississippi River Pool 2 was full of ups and downs, but in the end, one angler remained!

What an absolute GRIND of a week! Marianne’s victory this week marks the first major event solo win for her as well as any first-place finish for a female angler in a major tournament – a historic day!

One thing that is easy to forget when watching outdoor television is that even professionals can have slow periods. If you are an outdoor enthusiast and participate in fishing, you know that not every outing is fruitful. A great comparison to the week that we can all make with Event 4 on the Mississippi River is that it was a pitcher’s duel that came right down to the ninth inning!

The Road To Day 5

In true Head-2-Head fashion, this week was full of surprises as our anglers moved up and down the board. The hot hand moving into Day 3 was Brett King. Brett found an area closer to the Minnesota River that produced some nice walleyes to give him the first-place seed. As the weather moved in and out, the river system changed how it held fish in areas. Stretches of the river for anglers like Joe Okada and Brett King saw fish one day and gone the next. Wing dams continued to produce a fish now and then, but that strategy had anglers like Paul Meleen and Isaac Lakich running and gunning. Jigs and plastics, lead core trolling, and casting cranks were all seen during the tournament. 

Constantly Consistent

Like she was all year, Marianne Huskey proved that she could be consistent on the Mississippi for this event. Marianne fished a backwater bay the majority of her time casting jerk baits and WNC Crankbaits with her Mag’s Customs Rods. This tactic resulted in six total legal fish caught during the tournament. Her average was 2 lb – 14 oz. Despite Day 5 being a grind, Marianne bested some decorated anglers throughout the event, including Mike Gofron and her Championship Matchup opponent Isaac Lakich.

Showing just how fickle some areas were on the Mississippi today, runner-up Isaac Lakich stayed fishing after regulation to catch what would have been the tournament-winning walleye! Talk about a heart-breaking scenario! For a list of all the matchup results from Day 5, be sure to head over to our Results page. Despite a slow start to the week, Mike Gofron was today’s top performer finding three fish for just over 12 lbs. Mike’s big fish of the day weighed 4lbs – 13 oz.

To get a detailed breakdown of Marianne’s week, be sure to like H2H Fishing on Facebook. Following Event 4, an exclusive Chattin’ with a Champion Marianne Huskey podcast will be held with commentator Matt Tratz and PWS Tournament Director Andy Cleveland to go over all the details of her victory!