H2H PWS Mississippi River – Day 2 Recap

July 13, 2021 8:24 pm

Today, we saw many of the same techniques as we saw on Day 1.

Bright-colored crankbaits and jigs with plastics seemed to be the main baits used. Finding current seams on the river was also something we heard from our anglers today. We saw almost all of the anglers, at some point, fishing off a wing dam or near bridge pylons in hopes of finding some fast-moving water. Yet, some of our anglers found success once again in backwater bays. What does this tell you? The Mississippi is a very unpredictable place!

Today’s action started with our leader, Brett King. Yesterday, Brett caught his only two fish back-to-back to give him a weight of 13 lbs and 12 oz. This morning we saw Brett get right back to work as he netted a 4 lb – 2 oz fish early in the competition. After Brett’s first fish of the day, we saw Brett searching for new water and bites as he set his sights on Day 3. Brett ended the day in first place with a two-day total weight of 17 lbs and 14 oz.

Despite Brett’s success, we saw Mike McCormick show why he deserves a bracket appearance. Mike quickly put three fish in the net to bump him up to a second-place spot. Mike’s fish weighed over 9 lbs and counted for the most weight of legal fish by any angler on Day 2. Day 3 will be Mike’s second GREAT8 appearance of the year.

Mike Gofron’s name will make it to yet another bracket for the season. Mike’s Day 1 consisted of only one legal fish of 4 lbs and 4 oz, a mark not high enough to get him a camera for Day 2. And what a shame that was because Mike caught three fish today to put him right in the mix and into 4th place overall. 

It is hard not to have a day in PWS fishing without Isaac Lakich’s name coming up! Isaac had one fish on Day 1 that weighed 6 lbs and 9 oz. On Day 2, Isaac again had one fish – this time weighing a little less, but just enough to keep him inside of the cutline. Isaac sits in seventh place going into Day 3. Isaac’s fish today weighed 4 lbs – 8 oz and was caught right near the end of the day. 

Lastly, the most exciting part of the day came right at the end of the day by Jarrad Fluekiger. Jarrad has yet to make a GREAT8 bracket and did not catch a scorable fish on Day 1. With no fish on Day 1, Jarrad did not have a camera today, but we certainly wish he did! Jarrad’s name was not even in the conversation at any point of the day until maybe the last 15 seconds. With under a minute to go, Jarrad hooked into his third and final fish of the day. Racing the Marshal’s countdown, Jarrad got his 5 lb – 10 oz walleye over his boat’s gunnel and on the scale to put him into 6th place in dramatic fashion!

As we look towards Day 3 and the first day of our GREAT8, whispers (and hopes) of some weather change for the better may be on the horizon. This change might get the fish fired up and biting. To see all today’s weights and tomorrow’s bracket matchups be sure to head over to the results page.