H2H PWS Lake Wisconsin – Day 2 Recap

May 18, 2021 8:05 pm

After our first day on Lake Wisconsin we have a completely different looking leader board than what we saw on the Detroit River.

Mike Gofron sits in first place with over 15 lbs of fish from day one. After our Day 1 post interview with Mike, we know that he is looking for new bites and preserving his best spot in hopes that it will produce during the bracket competition. This strategy was very similar to what we saw from Isaac Lakich during our first event in Detroit.

What continues to be one of the most interesting parts of the PWS can be seen in the bottom half of our cut line with the GREAT8. After a slower Day 1, it’s literally a one fish day that can give birth to these anglers for the bracket. We saw this exact scenario all before 9 AM with Jeremy Zimmerman catching a 4-5 lb fish and with Jarrad Fluekiger catching a 3lb 14 oz. That early morning action put those two anglers in 7th and 8th position to start their Day 2 mornings. Unfortunately, Jarrad’s 3+ pound fish did not hold up thanks to an exciting moment from Isaac Lakich.

As we approached the end of Day 2 fishing, Isaac Lakich threw a wrench into the mix by boating a 7 lb 6 oz. giant! This fish from Lakich landed him a GREAT8 bracket birth and an unofficial 7th place finish at the end of Day 2. The excitement did not stop there either as Joe Okada hooked into a legal fish putting him in a great position to make yet another GREAT8 bracket! Unfortunately, Joe’s hail-mary spot was only good enough for one fish leaving him just short of the cut. This action helped make room for bracket new comer, Jeremy Zimmerman.

Whether it is a strategy move or not, what we see from the top portion of our bracket remains unchanged from yesterday, as our top 4 did not catch a scoreable fish during Day 2. We are most likely going to see our Event 2 leader, Mike Gofron, back to his number one spot to kick off the first day of the GREAT8 bracket, a spot where he put up over 15 lbs of walleyes in the first day. Be sure to checkout our unofficial leader board here.