H2H PWS Lake Wisconsin – Championship Recap

May 21, 2021 7:23 pm

The excitement around our H2H PWS Championship Event 2 in Lodi, WI was at new levels for everyone!

The uncertainty of this lake has kept us on our toes. Feast or famine was the theme as we watched GIANT fish, GIANT lulls, and GIANT flurries of dinks being caught.

The championship matchup in the spotlight today was between Mike “The Dream Killer” Gofron and Isaac Lakich. This was Isaac’s second championship appearance and Gofron’s first time ever battling head-to-head for an event victory. A very real possibility on this body of water was DINKFEST, a scenario that helped Isaac reach this championship. As we progressed through our morning, it was Isaac’s drag that screamed first as he landed a 3 lb. 10 oz. walleye before the 11 AM mark to put the scorable fish pressure on Gofron. Isaac and Gofron would not enter a DINKFEST.

Fast forward to the noon hour and Isaac connected again, this time with a 3 lb. 3 oz. walleye to widen his gap to 6 lb. 7 oz. Despite Isaac slowly inching towards a victory, Mike Gofron continued to fish upriver and under the same bridge that he fished around the entire tournament. Mike’s spot never ended up producing. Isaac was able to pull off a victory and take home a $35k check and some massive bragging rights. Congrats to Isaac and the rest of our PWS anglers on a great week of fishing.

Our other excitement came from Marianne Huskey who has been catching scorable fish at opportune times throughout the week. Sticking to the script, Marianne landed a scorable fish right before the DINKFEST cut off to keep her match in over 2 lb. fish. Marianne’s fish came by trolling a WNC Shaky Shad and weighed 3 lbs. 4 oz. Marianne fished against Jeremy Zimmerman. Be sure to checkout all the results of our Lake Wisconsin Event HERE.

Now that our Lake Wisconsin event has come to an end, our eyes are set on the legendary walleye lake, Lake Mille Lacs in Isle, MN. Lake Mille Lacs is known by many as being an absolute walleye factory with both size and numbers. Mark this one on your calendars for June 7th – 11th , it will not disappoint! See a full PWS schedule HERE.