H2H PWS Lake Mille Lacs – Day 1 Recap

June 7, 2021 9:11 pm

The stage has been set as we all tuned in to see if famous Lake Mille Lacs could live up to its legendary name. Spoiler alert…it did!

For Day 1 during our H2H PWS Event 3, conditions started off with a light breeze and hot temperatures forecasted as our anglers got to work.

The action started early for multiple anglers including our past event champion Isaac Lakich and familiar GREAT8 angler Max Wilson. These two anglers showed us that a very traditional “live bait” tactic could and would be a viable way to catch fish in a no-live-bait format. The tactic of choice was a slip bobber rig over some wind-blown structure.

Typically, slip bobbers have been reserved for live bait such as leeches, nightcrawlers, and worms, but these two anglers figured out an artificial option could be just as deadly! Both Isaac and Max will be LIVE for Day 2 with cameras in their boats. Isaac finished his day with some big fish points by landing a 5 lb 12 oz fish. Isaac is also our AOY leader going into this event.

As exciting as everything was today for Max Wilson and Isaac Lakich, the story of the day was with Joe Okada. Joe was without a camera for most of the day and it was a busy day for Joe as he finds himself at the top of the leaderboard heading into Day 2. Joe caught over 70 lbs of fish today including a 5 lb 2 oz Lake Mille Lacs’ dandy! Okada kept the rod in hand all day today ripping baits off structure. Joe sets himself up for a great opportunity to make his second GREAT8 bracket event.

Checkout out our leader board after Day 1 HERE.

If you have been following along with H2H PWS this year, you already know that tomorrow will be a day filled with new faces on camera. Josh and Robert Blosser find themselves in a great spot for Day 2. Brett King, Jesse Brady and Zach Axtman all snuck into the Top 10 and will also have cameras with them tomorrow. If Day 2 is anything like Lake 1 on Mille Lacs, we know tomorrow is going to be a must watch as we settle into our 3rd event of the year and our anglers find themselves knowing they must do well in this event in hope of a strong season.