H2H PWS Lake McConaughy – Day 2 Recap

August 24, 2021 8:23 pm

The second day of our Lake McConaughy Event started with some cloud cover, wind, and dreams of Nebraska GIANTS!

Well, dreams do come true as our anglers got off to a fast a furious start as we saw the WEIGHLIVE app jumping! Despite the fast start, that was hardly the most exciting part of the day because we saw some pretty crazy mid-day and late-day moves from some new faces. Before we get to all that, we need to look at Max Wilson and the day he had. Again, Wilson remains at the top of the leaderboard with a five-fish Day 2 for 17 lbs – 6 oz. Combine that weight with Wilson’s Day 1 showing, and he sits comfortably at the top of the leader board with 35 lbs. even.

Sitting in the number 2 slot is none other than Robert Blosser. Robert has entertained us all week by catching some beautiful Lake McConaughy walleyes while using a new technique to him, jigging spoons in open water! Robert figured a few more things out today by catching two more fish than he did yesterday for a total of five fish today weighing over 11 lbs. The last time we saw Robert Blosser in a Bracket match was during our Lake Mille Lacs event where he advanced to the FINTASTIC4 and was beat by Joe Okada.

Perhaps one of the most exciting stories of the day comes from the BRACKET newcomer Randall Gaines. We have not seen a lot from Randall this year. Truthfully, we did not see much from him until the second half of Day 2. Randal figured out a program that skyrocketed him from a tie-for-last position with zero fish on Day 1 to the third spot with three fish for 20lbs. – 13 oz. This extraordinary flurry happened within the last part of the day. Randall’s biggest fish today weighed 8 lbs. and 6oz.!

Both Mike Hanson (big fish winner from Day 1) and Joe Okada held a bracket position during our second day on Lake McConaughy.

Mike Hanson finds himself in fourth, and Joe Okada is currently sitting in 5th place. Mike and Joe were able to find very healthy Nebraska walleyes that averaged over 3 lbs. to help them stay within the top eight of the bracket.

The 6th through 8th places in the bracket belongs to anglers that have not seen a lot of air time this year. Jeremy Zimmerman was able to boat three fish quickly today to give him a total weight of 13 lbs. and 5 oz. for Day 2. His two-day total is 16 lbs and 5 oz. Jeremy’s WEIGHLIVE did all the moving within an hour today. Let’s hope Jeremy and his Day 3 cameraman will experience more of that hot and heavy action tomorrow!

Corey Heiser flirted with the bracket all day, but it wasn’t until he weighed a 7lb.-10oz. fish that sealed the deal and sent him into seventh place on the leaderboard. An interesting thing to remember is that Corey lost a large fish yesterday from being fouled hooked. This weight addition would have placed him much higher on the leaderboard after Day 2. This tells us that Corey might be a sleeper heading into the bracket, and he has been around fish for the last two days!

Last but certainly not least, Bryan Bell shocked the H2H world today by emerging from nowhere to find himself in the GREAT8 bracket! We all had to take a double-take towards the end of the day as we saw the weight accumulate next to Byran’s name for the first time this year. Bryan caught 14 lbs – 5 oz. from three fish within the last part of the day to give him his first PWS bracket birth! Day 3 will be exciting as we get set for the first bracketed matches and a few new faces on camera!