H2H PWS Lake McConaughy – Day 1 Recap

August 23, 2021 7:58 pm

It seemed like forever and a day since our last PWS Event! You can only imagine how excited our anglers are to be at a unique fishery like Lake McConaughy!

This body of water is home to some walleye fishing history along with some very impressive fish. Despite the hype for this event, if there were some concerns, it would be water levels. Lake McConaughy has reports of dropping 30 feet of water this season! These conditions change how the lake fishes in a big way!

Nevertheless, the day started with some familiar faces having cameras in their boats. As the day went on, the top-of-the-leaderboard anglers started to net some legal fish to set the pace for what should be an exciting week. PWS Anglers like Max Wilson, Joe Okada, and AOY Points leader Isaac Lakich kicked things off with scoreable fish within the first 30 minutes of regulation on Day 1!

One thing we got to see was our anglers fishing in 40 to 50 feet of water. With depths like this, fish management is crucial.  We witnessed several of our anglers show us excellent fish care skills by fizzing air bladders of the walleyes. By doing this, fizzing allows them to swim back into Lake McConaughy and live to see another bait at the depths the fish want to be living in.

PWS Angler Nick Schertz reemerged into the top half of the field after the first day of fishing on Lake McConaughy. Nick was our Event 1 Champion on the Detroit River and currently finds himself in 4th place heading into Day 4. Schertz being on the bubble for AOY needs to keep the momentum going to find a spot in New York for our championship in October. Nick Schertz caught two fish today for a total of 11 lbs – 1 oz with a big fish of 8 lbs. – 6oz.

A newcomer to the top of the leaderboard includes PWS Angler, Mike Hanson.

Mike earned a camera in his boat with a two-fish day, one of which weighed 9 lbs. and 4 oz. For those of your keeping track at home, that is the biggest fish of the day. Mike’s fish was also the biggest fish of the 2021 PWS Season!

After Day 1, Mike has found himself in 3rd place going into Day 2 where he will have a camera in his boat.

The number 2 spot belongs to Robert Blosser. Robert has been very consistent this year, and he keeps that trend going with three fish for 17 lbs – 3 oz. We also got to talk with Robert throughout the day to learn how he was catching his fish. Robert caught all of his fish on jigging spoons today, a technique he has never used before with open water walleyes! Robert’s largest fish of the day weighed a healthy 7 lbs – 2 oz.

Sitting in the first place, we find none other than Max Wilson. Using his electronics, Max had a good Day 1 boating four legal fish for a total weight of 17 lbs – 10 oz. Max showed us once again how to find active fish and catch them with his electronics setup. Keeping it interesting, Max also lost a large fish near the end of the day that hopefully does not come back to haunt him throughout the week!