H2H PWS Detroit River – Day 4 Recap

April 15, 2021 9:44 pm

Day 4 of the H2H PWS Detroit River event marks the second day of our bracket format and the action could not have been any hotter!

LIVE from the Detroit River, we witnessed an absolute slugfest amongst 8 stellar walleye anglers battling for AOY points, prize money and the title of the first ever winner of a LIVE H2H PWS event!

With no surprise Nick Schertz picked up right where he left off from the first 3 days of fishing. Nick’s scenery and tactic was yet again the same where he showed us just how good a river system can be if you find the right seam and time of the year to fish it. Anchored on a major walleye highway Nick caught and weighed OVER 70 LBS OF WALLEYES in just 5 hours of fishing! Schertz’s bait of choice today was a Berkley Ripple Shad paddle tail matched up with a jig. As you can imagine Nick has put on quite a show for fans of H2H and is basically becoming a one-man highlight reel.

In the other corner facing Schertz was Josh Wiesner. By all accounts Josh had a great day of fishing boating over 27 lbs of walleyes. Like yesterday, Schertz’s opponent was one of the top angler’s of the day, but it just wasn’t enough to take down Nick. Be sure to tune in tomorrow as Josh battles for a third place finish.

Joining both Nick and Josh in the winner’s bracket today were two great anglers in Isaac Lakich and Jake LaPine, both of which battled hard all day in hopes to take home a first-place win on the Detroit River. LaPine had an absolute banner second half of the day yesterday giving him what he needed to advance. Despite Jake’s momentum, Isaac remained poised and managed to catch over 8 more pounds than Jake today. Isaac’s winning performances have been fun to watch, but it is likely that Lakich will need to find some serious groups of fish tomorrow when he squares up head-to-head against Schertz in our championship match up.

PWS anglers Max Wilson and David Kolb played tug of war all the way to the final minutes of regulation. In a nail biter, David Kolb stayed dry and stayed ahead of Wilson recording an unofficial weight of 18 lbs and 7 oz compared to Wilson’s 17 lbs and 7 oz. If you are curious to see all the results of day 3 be sure to check them out here.