H2H PWS Detroit River – Day 2 Recap

April 13, 2021 8:55 pm

With day two of the H2H PWS Detroit River event coming to an end it is safe to say that the last five hours of fishing from our anglers has been nothing short of thrilling!

Action started off hot and heavy from our day one leaders Lakich and Schertz. Both anglers settled right back into their strides putting fish on the board early. Rod in hand and jigs and plastics was yet again the technique of choice by the majority of our field with only a few anglers that trolled.

Aside from the strong showing by Schertz and Lakich, what was exciting to see is how each of these anglers deployed strategies in anticipation for day 3 of our event. Isaac Lakich stuck to his post interview plan by catching a quick 10 pounds and then he immediately turned to finding more potential bites for tomorrow. The scenery for Schertz also changed during the second half of day 2, but not after he poured on the pounds catching fish consistently throughout the morning. As it sits right now, Nick Schertz fished his way into the unofficial 1st place spot on our bracket netting over 75 pounds of walleyes in two days including an absolutely insane double fish net job. Isaac Lakich now sits in 2nd place with over 65 pounds of walleyes.

As fun as it was to watch our leaders do well today, the 3rd through 10th place battle kept us all on the edge of our seats. Consistent performances from Max Wilson, David Kolb, and Josh Wiesner helped put them in the Great 8 bracket which should result in a fast-paced shootout tomorrow.

The greatest movements happened with a slugfest between five anglers which included Jake Lapine, Joe Okada, Justin Schneider, Bill Shimota and Mike Hansen. These anglers exchanged heavyweight blows as they moved in and out of the cut all day. Perhaps the biggest moment of the day came within minutes of regulation as Joe Okada landed a fish that moved him from out of the cut to an unofficial 7th place finish! Despite a great effort, Bill Shimota and Mike Hansen came up a few pounds short preventing them from fishing day 3 on the Detroit River. See all the day 2 results here.