H2H PWS Chautauqua Lake – Championship Day 5 Recap

October 15, 2021 1:25 pm

Day 5 of our 2021 PWS Championship Event started with complete concentration and focus from our two anglers battling to take home the victory.

All eyes were on Josh Wiesner and Joe Okada as these two great anglers squared up for what would be an intense day of fishing. Early in the week, we saw an impressive program from Joe Okada as he seemed to start figuring things out. Joe Okada found a spot away from the group where he trolled crankbaits with snap weights and connected with a lot of fish. Joe Okada led both Day 2 and Day 3 of the tournament with weight catching nearly 20 pounds one day and over 16 pounds on the other.

It wasn’t until Day 4 that Josh Wiesner made a statement in the tournament. On a whim, Josh stopped to check out some birds in a shallow bay, and that is where he found some active walleyes. Josh continued to pick apart his new spot on Day 4 and ended up with over 28 pounds of Chautauqua walleyes. This shift very well could have been a defining point in the tournament going into the Championship match between Josh and Joe.

Shortly after lines in, Okada started his trolling pattern, and he quickly picked up a fish. Unfortunately for Joe, that fish fell short weighing 1lb-13oz. As the day progress, Joe was able to find his first legal fish on a trolling bite. Joe’s first fish weighed 2lb-5oz.

By the time Joe caught his first fish, Josh Wiesner was already on the board as he caught a quick legal fish. As the day progress, Josh continued to fish his area with his jig and plastic minnow. Josh’s adjustment the morning of Day 4 was what he needed to give him a push for the latter part of the week. On Day 5, Josh caught five fish for a total weight of 12lbs-2oz. Joe Okada ended the day with one fish that weighed 2lbs-5oz.

The rest of the field was battling for placement in the bracket. The 3rd and 4th place finish battle was between Isaac Lakich and Justin Schneider. Justin Schneider ended the day with 1lb-8oz and finished 4th. Isaac Lakich took home 3rd place with 7lb-6oz. Battling for 5th and 6th place were Nick Schertz and Corey Heiser. Nick Schertz ended the day with one fish for 1lb-6oz on the far end of the lake for 6th place. Corey, who caught many fish yesterday, finished the day with 2lbs-12oz and secured the 5th place spot. Marianne Huskey and Max Wilson rounded off today’s battle for the 7th and 8th place spots. Marianne caught one fish for 9 oz, and Max Wilson caught four fish for 7lbs-2oz.

That wraps up the first-ever 2021 PWS Season of LIVE fishing coverage showcased in a bracketed style tournament! Be sure to follow along with us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on the latest PWS news all year round. Get ready for next year by checking out our schedule HERE.