2022 H2H Walleye Opener II – Day 3

March 23, 2022 3:24 pm

Much to our surprise, today’s conditions to start Day 3 helped encourage plenty of hooksets and walleyes hitting the nets.

Water conditions on the Fox River in Depere, WI improved in terms of clarity at lines in when the clock struck the 9 AM hour. Today, Day 3, meant that the GREAT8 was fishing in their bracket matches in hopes of advancing to the FINTASTIC4.

With fish after fish being caught this morning, it was difficult to guess who would be on top at the end of the day. Our first match was between the number 1 seed, Westphal and Casey, and the number 8 seed and Jackson and Burmeister. Westphal and Casey picked up today right where they off catching over 40 pounds of scoreable walleyes. The Burmeister and Jackson team fished hard and they put up very respectable weights ending their tournament day with 25 lbs and 15 oz of fish caught.

Our next matchup was between the Nuechterlein and Miller (4) Team and the Powers and Crossman (5) Team. Coming out on top today was Nuechterlein, the 2020 champion, and his teammate Miller. Establishing a comfortable lead, Nuechterlein and Miller won their match by an even 16 pounds. Nuechterlein and Miller were using blade baits for most of the day.

Match 3 featured the Stephan and Secola (6) team vs the Mans and Hobbs (3) team. Stephan and Secola positioned themselves close to our tournament boundary and a shallow hump that was holding a lot of fish. Stephan and Secola had a great day 1 and 2 making them a very tough opponent for Mans and Hobbs. Mans and Hobbs were not fazed by their opponents and they caught the second-highest total weight of the day with 29 lbs and 3 oz! Mans and Hobbs also recorded the biggest fish of the day, an 8lb-7oz tank of a walleye!

Last, was the husband and wife duo, the Mundt Team (7) versus the Saxon and McCoy Team (2). Perhaps, our tightest match of the day, these anglers were within a fish of each other right until the very end. Within the last hour of the match, Saxon and McCoy connected on a fish using the TRS Secret Lure, which meant it was double-weighted fish. This twist was enough to best the Mundt Team and squeak by 1 lb and 9 oz more weight than the Mundts. Be sure to check out the bracket below as we get ready for Day 4, the FINTASTIC4. Live coverage was brought to you from The Reel Shot. To catch all the action tomorrow, lines in starts at 8:45 AM CST on